Wamp Internationaler Design Markt - Teil 2

Wamp Internationaler Design Markt - Teil 2 (c) Marija Jillings

Vergangenen Samstag ging der Wamp International Design Markt im Museumsquartier über die Bühne. Bis 19 Uhr boten Designerinnen und Designer ihre handgemachten Artikel – darunter Schmuck, Taschen, Accessoires, Designspielzeuge, Kunst und vieles mehr – an. Im zweiten Teil stellt euch UNIMAG die Designerlabel PipiPunk und Jazzfashion vor.


Das tschechische Duo von PipiPunk vertreibt Strumpfhosen, Leggings und Strümpfe mit total coolen Motiven wie etwa Schmetterlingen seit etwa 2,5 Jahren.

UNIMAG: Why do you call your company PipiPunk? Is there special reason?
PipiPunk: Our name is based on a marketing research of a widely known Advertising Company. We asked them to come up with a name which will interconnect Punk and name of Ms. Pippi Longstocking. We payed hell amount of money and PipiPunk name was born. :-)

How do you get the great ideas for your motives?
In our own two heads. And we are coming up with more and more ideas every day.

What are your favorite motives?
Our favorite motive is the one which is being sold in highest numbers. :-) These one we like the most: The Dickies


Das kleine Familienunternehmen, das im November 2009 gegründet wurde, besteht aus Marija Jillings, ihrem Ehemann und ihrer Schwester. Jazz Fashon ist bereits in zwei Büchern veröffentlicht worden: Stempunk Jewelry by Spurgeon Vaughn Ratcliffe in the UK und Fashions by Victoriana Lady Lisa in den USA.

UNIMAG: Could you please tell us about starting the company?
Marija Jillings: I work on designs and jewelry crafting with my husband. He has his job so he helps me out as much as he can. He is very talented and has a different style than me, to suit needs of male public, he helps me with ideas. My sister is in charge of marketing and PR. None of us did education in crafting or design or PR, all 3 of us are autodidacts. I finished school for Economics. In 2007 I moved to Holland from my country of origin which is Serbia to join my husband (he is Dutch). At the time I moved I was without a job and I am not the type of person that can sit still. So my sister suggested that I start making jewelry, and she was willing to try and sell it. It would keep me busy and bring some income. What started like a hobby turned into a full time job for both my sister and I. In five years we visited over 50 different fairs, markets, exhibitions, festivals in many countries all over Europe: Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, France, Belgium, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Spain.

Which Steampunk piece or your jewelry in general do you like most?
I have two lines of Steampunk jewelry. Pieces that include entire watch movements and pieces created with watch parts covered with fine epoxy resin. My favourite pieces are the ones made with fine epoxy resin. I make rings, earrings, cuffs, cuff links and necklaces with epoxy resin. My favourite are necklaces, I make them in many sizes and shapes and one of my favourite are the pieces made in the casings of vintage pocket watches. 

Where do you get the ideas to make these jewelry? Are you influenced by other designers?
I am influenced by every day events, shapes and colors. I collect vintage watches and my creations often depend on what I was able to collect. I am romantic so I am often influenced by that, which is very visible in my work. 

Which advice would you give people who are interested in becoming a designer?
Choose which style suits you the best or which jewelry crafting technique you enjoy doing and try to improve it every day. Original ideas and creations are very important.

UNIMAG bedankt sich herzlich für die Interviews!

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